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Evironmental Protective and Glue-less
Keep our promise:not contain the DOP,heavy metal,formaldehyde.Pass the strictly test,REACH,SGS.No need adhesive glue on the back of floor,avoid the heave smell of the glue and stop the second polluttion.

As Will Assembling
After using for a time,customer can assemble the floor as they want,avoiding the aesthetic weariness,and create new atmosphere.

DIY Pattern Custom
Can custom the pattern as customer want,customer can offer the design picture or choose the pattern from us.

Not afraid of water, not afraid of tide,Anti slip rated reach EN13893 ClassDS standard,perfect pass CE test.

Easy Installation
No need complicated preparation,just need to assemle the floor,and solve the problems on the project,reduce the material waste. 

High Wear Resistance And Color Fastness
Thickness of the wearlayer reach 0.35mm,reach EN649 standard,make it more durable.Fastness rate ≥ 3,reach GB/T4085-2005 standard. 

Flame Retardant And Insect Prevention
Fire resistance reach B1-S1 standard,because you can pick up at will, so not afraid of insect ants.

Renew And Change Easily
Use the 2m straight rule to test,if gap not over 3mm,smooth enough on surface,then it works.More suitable for project change,can installation on the ceramic tile,marble,waterstone,PVC roll floor.,etc.No need the changed the basic floor,save time,save power and save monney.